The redeveloped and modernized port of Barcadera came back into operation in 2015. It is primarily a container- and bulk (transshipment) terminal, but it is also used for other vessels and projects. The port features a new gantry crane (erected October 2015) and the mobile crane, previously used at the port of Oranjestad, has been moved to Barcadera.


Caribbean Port Agencies was the first agent to utilize the new Barcadera facilities for Mobilization/Demobilization of a big Oil & Gas project, which lasted from March through November 2015.


SY Barcadera website

Picture shows the "bare" Barcadera wharf in April 2015, still under construction, while the mobilization of the oil & Gas project was in full swing. 


Barcadera Port Dimensions:
Berthing Line 440 meters, 300 meters of Gantry Crane Rails
Bollards 1000 Kn every 26 meters
1 x Mooring Dolphin on East Side, 2 x Breasting Dolphin on West Side
Quay Depth 11 meters
Container Area +/- 90.000 m2 with further expansion capacity
Bulk Area +/- 8.000 m2 including a third party conveyor belt operated for aggregates and third party manifold for cement, gas/lpg and liquid fuels.
For more information, please click on this link: Barcadera Aruba