Off Shore

Aruba has two off shore locations:

1. Transshipment area

2. Maintenance area


Aruba offshore


The Transshipment area is used for ship-to-ship transfer operations, to drop anchor while awaiting orders, crew changes & stores deliveries and lay ups. The area is located approx. 3-8 miles to the South-West of Aruba. 


The Maintenance area is used for minor & major repairs, underwater hull cleaning (and repairs) and for special purposes, such as (temporarily) grounding of Semi-Submersible Drillships or to load/offload cargoes from Semi submersible (heavy lift) vessels. The area is about 2-6 miles off shore and is located right in front of the High-rise hotels, on the North-Western side of the Island.   


The various launch Companies operating in Aruba make it easy to reach the vessels while at anchorage.     


The tariffs & conditions for use of the area can be found here: tariffs.