Due to the vast array of (shipping) services available on the Island of Curacao and the trained staff at the Dammers Group, together with our shipping partners, we have managed to attract quite a few big / interesting projects to our Islands.

A few of the projects that we have recently undertaken or participated in:

  • Drilling rigs & accommodation platforms, repair and layup in Caracasbay and at the SPMB at St. Michielsbay;
  • Offloading of Platforms & barges from Semi-Submersible vessels in Caracasbay;  
  • Taking a VLCC into the harbour for repairs at the shipyard (a very tight fit !);
  • Discharge of heavy project cargo at Brion wharves (Windmills, Utilities plant);
  • Ship to Ship transfers in the Willemstad Harbour and at Caracasbay;
  • Cargo transfers from Cargo ships onto Drilling rigs/Drill ships and vv.;
  • The World’s most exclusive and luxurious Mega Yacht in the Harbor of Curacao;
  • Casualty vessels: attending to injured crew and arranging ship to ship cargo transfers;
  • Underwater projects, as documented by The Discovery Channel.


For more details about these projects, please see some of the articles in our “news” section, or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , for more information.