Yacht services

Do you need an agent to attend to your Luxury Yacht, in Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao? We are big on service, no matter what size your yacht is!

Thanks to favorable weather conditions and a wide variety of activities on the ABC Islands, this area is becoming increasingly popular for mega yacht services. From amazing deep sea diving and gorgeous sandy beaches to delicious restaurants and fascinating historic sites, you’re going to want to start planning your trip immediately. Check out each island’s tourism website below to help you get started:

We’ll help make sure your trip is as easy as can be. In fact, the Immigration & Customs departments on the ABC Islands are very well organized, making crew and passenger embarkation and disembarkation extremely easy. Also, in case of a lay-up or a longer stay-over, the ABC Islands are an ideal location, as they are located outside of the hurricane belt.

Get ready for your next adventure by contacting our Mega Yacht services team at: operations@dammers-group.com.

Take a look at some of the luxury yachts under our agency:



The 134-meter mega yacht "Serene", moored at Caracas Bay


The beautiful and distinctly styled mega yacht "A", seen here at the Mathey Wharf, downtown Willemstad

shamoun-2(1).jpgThe sleek sailing yacht SHAMOUN, moored at the relaxed Seru Boca facilities.