General Notices

Labels on containers with Dangerous goods.

Letter about the Import control system (for export to EU).

Introduction of the advanced customs declaration fee.

Announcement regarding flag registration for the new country of Curacao.

Memorandum effects of transition on maritime sector.

Aruba Anchorage Fees in effect as per 1 April 2015.

New Guideline / Regulation Payment By Check effective 01 April 2018.

Container Weight Requirement IMO SOLAS Convention Effective 01 July 2016

Additional information can also be found at the following website

Frequently Asked Questions relating to new mandatory rules, effective from 1 July 2016, concerning the SOLAS' requirement for shippers to verify the gross mass of a container carrying cargo: FAQ

Seatrade / Streamlines

Seatrade / Streamlines - Bluestream Service Upgrade Announcement.

Introduction Seatrade Streamlines Emergency Bunker Surcharge Announcement.

New 2018 Streamlines Bluestream Service Enhancement to ABC Islands Announcement.

Bluestream THC Rotterdam Increase Announcement.

Seatrade Streamlines SOLAS container Weight Requirement Announcement.

Seatrade Streamlines BAF + LSS Adjustment Announcement  



Demurrage Conditions

  • IMPORT  Demurrage / Detention rules in Aruba
  • EXPORT Demurrage / Detention rules in Aruba
  • IMPORT  Demurrage / Detention rules in Bonaire
  • EXPORT Demurrage / Detention rules in Bonaire
  • IMPORT  Demurrage / Detention rules in Curacao
  • EXPORT Demurrage / Detention rules in Curacao


Seatrade // Streamlines - Dutch Caribbean Service Extension
Reefer Damages / Survey report  - 23.08.2012
Instructions For Return Of Open Top Containers


Seaboard Marine


Evergreen Marine

Announcement: Introduction Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) with effective date from JUL/01/2018.

Announcement: Introduction new EVERGREEN MARINE Surcharge CURACAO

Evergreen Marine 2013 Informational Letter Misdescribed Cargoes

Evergreen Marine instructions For Return Of Open Top Containers

Demurrage Conditions 


Dutch Carib Line N.V.

Announcement Implementation of a Container Custom Survey surcharge

Announcement New CAF, BAF and LSS Surcharge applicable as of April 14th 2019.

Demurrage Conditions

  • IMPORT Demurrage / Detention rules for Curacao
  • IMPORT Demurrage / Detention rules for Bonaire