Anchorage Maintenance area

Aruba has two offshore locations:

  1. Transshipment area
  2. Maintenance area




The transshipment area is used for ship-to-ship transfer operations, dropping anchor while awaiting orders, crew changes, stores & spares deliveries and layups. The area is located approximately 3-8 miles to the southwest of Aruba.

The maintenance area is primarily used for repairs, as well as underwater hull cleaning or repairs. It’s also used for special purposes such as the temporary grounding of semi-submersible drillships or to load/offload cargoes from semi-submersible vessels. The area is about 2-6 miles offshore and is located right in front of the high-rise hotels, on the northwestern side of the island.    

Many launch companies operate in Aruba, making it easy to reach the vessels offshore, while anchored.

For more information on the tariffs and conditions for use of these areas, please read the Government of Aruba’s notice on anchorage fees.