The revamped port of Barcadera came back into operation in 2015. It’s primarily a container and bulk cargo (transshipment) terminal, but it’s also used for other vessels and projects. The port features a new gantry crane and a mobile crane. 

Caribbean Port Agencies, part of the Dammers Group of Companies, was the first agent to use the new Barcadera facilities for mobilization/demobilization of a big oil & gas project, from March to November 2015.


Photo of the Barcadera wharf in April 2015, still under construction, while the mobilization of the oil & gas project was already in full swing. 

Barcadera port dimensions:
Berthing line: 440 meters, 300 meters of gantry crane rails
Bollards: 1000 Kn every 26 meters
1 x Mooring Dolphin on east side, 2 x Breasting Dolphin on west side
Quay depth: 11 meters 
Container area: +/- 90.000 m2 with further expansion capacity
Bulk area: +/- 8.000 m2 including a third-party conveyor belt operated for aggregates and third-party manifold for cement, gas/lpg and liquid fuels

For more information on the Barcadera port, please visit the Aruba Stevedoring Company (ASTEC) website.