Caracas Bay

Caracas Bay was a former Shell oil terminal, which was dismantled in 1996. This open and deep water bay is easily accessible from open sea and is ideal to berth large vessels and other floating objects.

In the past, this bay was used as a location for the construction of a drilling platform for Shell. Due to the crystal clear water, more and more ships use Caracas Bay to perform inspections, repairs, and underwater cleaning.

This natural, deep-water bay includes two sheltered deep-sea piers which can accommodate ships of every type and size.

Port Description:

  • Location: South coast of Curaçao, 8 km (5nm) SE of Willemstad
  • Max size: Max LOA of 320m, max drafts 13.7m (directly alongside)
  • Anchorage: Only in consultation with Port Authority
  • Mooring information: Vessels dock with their port side to the piers, thus allowing passengers to disembark directly on the pier.
  • Berths: There are two berths on the east side of the bay, with depths of 13.7m.
  • Cargo Facilities: If cargo operations are required, lighters and stevedores can be transported from Willemstad.
  • Storage Facilities: No storage facilities are available.
  • Barges: Available from Willemstad on request.
  • Bunker Facilities: No bunker facilities available. Fuel can be supplied by barge from Willemstad, water can be supplied ex-pipe at Jetty no. 2.
  • Ballast/slop reception: No facilities available, reception ex-barge can be arranged.