Fuik Bay

Fuik Bay is mainly used as a loading terminal by the Mining Company of Curaçao for shipment of phosphate, stone, and sand. The mining company owns the piers.

Port Description:

  • Location: South coast of Curaçao, 11 km SE of Willemstad
  • Max draft: 7.3m
  • LOA, max: 110m.
  • Anchorage: There is an anchorage area to the West side of the bay in depths up to 15m.
  • Berths: There are two berths at Fuik Bay, the Phosphate Wharf and ‘Zandsteiger’. At the Phosphate Wharf, phosphate rock shipment takes place using a conveyer and loading tower with a 8.53m fixed arm (loading rate 150 tph). At ‘Zandsteiger’, a 25.6m berth is used for explosives and general cargo. Depth alongside is 6.7m.
  • Cargo Facilities: General cargo is handled at ‘Zandsteiger’.
  • Storage Facilities: No transit sheds are available.
  • Barges: Available from Willemstad.
  • Bunker Facilities: There is equipment to supply fuel from Curoil. Fresh water is also available through water trucks.
  • Ballast/slop reception: Available in Port of Willemstad.