St. Michiels Bay

St. Michiels Bay is a public bay which features a single point mooring buoy (SPMB). The deep-water mooring buoy facility is especially suitable for large vessels and is ideal for carrying out underwater cleaning and repairs. The bay’s safe waters, availability of ship maintenance, repair and supply companies, attractive harbor rates and close proximity to shore (about 200 meters), are added advantages of this bay.

Port Description

  • Location: South coast of Curaçao, 8km west of Willemstad
  • Max size: Approx. 350,000 dwt.
  • Tugs: Available from Willemstad. Under normal conditions, vessels up to 213m LOA use 1 tug and vessels over 213m use 2 tugs.
  • Mooring information: Vessels are moored with their stern to the buoy. A bow anchor is used to keep the vessel head in deep water.
  • Berths: No berths available. The SMB is 198m of the shoreline with a water depth of 39.6m. The buoy is 2.7m in height and 5.48m in diameter, chained to two shore anchors by means of 2 x 120mm stud link chains and has two hooks to tie up the vessel. It is equipped with a load monitor.
  • Storage Facilities: No storage facilities available.
  • Bunker Facilities: No bunker facilities available.
  • Barges: Several barges are available.
  • Ballast/slop reception: Available by barge.

St.Michiels Bay