Noble Muravlenko in Curacao

29 maart 2019

During the stopover, bunkers were taken and trash was offloaded. Furthermore, the crews went to the US Consulate in Curacao to have their US visa's processed. As the rig had to vacate the Megapier for a large Cruise vessel, she remained off port, on DP for two days, while the US Consulate was busy preparing the visas. The crews were transported back & forth to the rig via launch, with the rig being only 1/2 mile South East of the Harbor entrance.


Noble Muravlenko, seen here moored at the Megapier during the day and early moring hours. Thanks (again !) to Mr. Kees Bustraan for shooting these nice pictures. Also, many thanks to the US Consulate personnel for expediting the visa process.