6th Noble drilling rig in Curacao

29 maart 2019

The stops in Curacao were for a variety of reasons: thruster installation, bunkers, crew changes, spares load/backload, provisions, arranging visa's or a combination of each. Each stop went without a hitch and Noble and her clients were very happy with the services provided in Curacao. 

During the last stop, Noble was able to bunker 3,000m3 of fuel, load 56,000lbs of spares, offload 72,000lbs of trash and misc. items as well as processing 98 personnel through immigrations without incident, all in a matter of 28 hours. Indeed, this was another efficient stop by Noble Drilling.





 Noble Tom Madden at the Curacao Megapier. Pics by Cornelis "Kees" Bustraan.