Rig Titanium Explorer in Curacao for 2nd time

29 maart 2019

For the second call, Vantage Drilling decided to berth the rig at the St. Michielsbay "Boca" Buoy, due to the Megapier being occupied by Cruise vessels.


Prior to mooring at the buoy, spares were delivered to the rig while she was on DP about 1.5 miles South of the buoy. At the buoy, a full crew change was performed while divers conducted underwater works. A standby tug was hired from local towage Co. "KTK", just in case, as the rig's thrusters were immobilized during the diving operations.


Upon completion of diving works, the rig moved off shore for bunkering. All in all, the rig stayed in Curacao waters less then 3 days, prior to proceeding to the US Gulf.



Titanium Explorer seen here during mooring operations. Picture taken by Mr. Kees Bustraan, from the quaint fishing village of "Boca Sami" (as the locals call St. Michielsbay).