Seaway heavy lifting's crane vessel "Oleg Strashnov"offport Curacao

29 maart 2019

From early on, it was clear that the Oleg Strashnov would have had a very tight window at the Megapier, due to the scheduled arrival of a large Cruise vessel the next morning. Unfortunately, the Oleg Strashnov arrived later than planned, and the decision was taken to keep her off port. The "plan" was retooled after this decision and all services which, until that point in time were still to be conducted at the Megapier, were re-scheduled to take place off port.


Containers were delivered via an ocean going tug off port, as well as provisions. Bunkers were delivered via Curoil's bunker tanker "Zeta I". The crew change was conducted right outside of Willemstad harbor via crew tenders. Slops were pumped into tanks and brought ashore by the tug. Heavy items were landed on a barge, for temporary storage in Curacao.


It was a coordinated effort, and we want to thank Curoil for making the impossible possible. Local service providers Albatros (spares, logistics), Seaharbor Transport (crew tenders), Local Towage Co. "KTK" and the Curacao Ports Authority worked with Seaway Heavy Lift and Dammers, going through continuous last minute adjustments. The dedication and flexibility of each of these companies were key to the success of this call. Many thanks to all !


We look forward to receiving SHL's second crane vessel in Curacao/Aruba in a few weeks' time.



 The Oleg Strashnov seen here, off port Curacao. Photo by Cornelis "Kees" Bustraan.