Drilling rig anchors off port Aruba

01 april 2019

The Aruba anchorage is very well suited for long term stayovers and the owners of the Pacific Mistral have decided to move the vessel there. She's at the Maintenance location, about 2.5 miles West of the High rise hotels off the Western tip of Aruba. In that position, she is fairly sheltered from winds & seas. Crew changes and spares runs are conducted regularly from Oranjestad. Also provisions and stores are delivered off port.


Aruba anchorage locations


The Transshipment area is normally busy, and is used for lightening, awaiting orders, minor repairs, crew changes, spares deliveries, etc. The Maintenance area is more sheltered and does not have significant vessel movements. It is ideal for rigs, Semi's and "project vessels" intending to stay for a longer period.


For information about stacking rigs in Aruba, or the anchorage areas in general, please contact our Aruba operations team at: aruops@dammers-group.com