Two drilling rigs berthed in Caracasbay

26 maart 2019

The Joides Resolution was piloted inwards by the Harbor Master, Mr. Marlon Laroche, at 09.00hrs on 9 June and was berthed at Jetty number 2, while the Semi-submersible drilling rig West Pegasus was preparing to come into port, after a big crew change off port during the early AM hours. The West Pegasus was boarded by pilot Mr. Jan Geerings at 14.00 hrs and was safelly moored (on DP) at Caracasbay Jetty nummber 3 by 18.45 hrs, while having two local KTK tugs stand-by.

The rigs will remain at Caracasbay for a defined period, afterwhich they will continue their voyages and to fulfill their respective assignments.

Joides Resulution mooored at Caracasbay Jetty 2 (left), while the West Pegasus is being moored at Jetty 3.

The Caracasbay Jettys fully occupied again: