"Tula Pier" Curacao ready in November 2017

01 april 2019

The new pier is being constructed for the latest generation cruise vessels. During the off season and in between cruise vessles, the pier will be used for (offshore) "project vessels", bunkers only, etc. The specifications of the pier are as follows:

Max. Gross tonnage: 225,000 ton
Max. displacement: 104,000 ton
Length: 196 meters
Water depth in front of pier: 20 meters
Mooring dolphins: 4 equipped with quad 150t quick release hooks
Mooring dolphins connected with walkways
Bollards: 4 pieces, 150 tons each
Max vessel displacement for part laden of ballasted tankers: 80.000 ton
Jetty deck level:   +2.8m NMP
Deck live loads: 30 kPA , Eurocode vehicle load model 1
Minimum space between vessels MP-1-MP2: 60m


Tula, also known as Tula Rigaud, was an African man enslaved on the island, who liberated himself and led the Curaçao Slave Revolt of 1795. The revolt, which began on 17 August 1795, lasted for more than a month. He was executed on 3 October 1795. He is revered on Curaçao today as a fighter for human rights and independence (source: Wikipedia).